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Dream Big - May 2016
Use the Hashtag!
Dream Big Presentation-Pick Your Own Passion
Dr. Bertsch
Classroom Redesign
It's MY Education | Timmy Sullivan | TEDxYouth@BHS
Pablo Diaz - On The Way To School
Next Generations Learning Challenges #NGLCchat resources/blog posts
Personalized Learning Symposium - Friday, May 13th
Quantum Academy - Choice Time
Revolutionizing Education with Personalized Learning: Jeremy Friedberg
Universal Design for Learning
Personalization and Arts Integration
Ted Talk: Sir Ken Robinson- Bring on the Learning Revolution!
5 Apps to Transform Teaching and Personalize Learning
Education Leaders Identify Top Ten Components of Personalized Learning
Real World Problems Kids Can Solve
Let Kids Follow Their Interests
Ending the Classroom Factory Model: How Tech will Personalize Learning
Personalized Assessments for Personalized Learning
Core-Competency and CBE
Changing Education Paradigms