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Science 8 Activities
Table of Contents Semester 2
Table of Contents Semester 1
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Gel Eletrophporesis
Mutations and Evolution
How Does DNA Work?
DNA Translation Table
Eye vs. Camera
Color Pallettes
Spectroscope Lab PowerPoint
EM Spectrum Poster
Soundbreaking Slides
Assignment for 2/2/18
Tuning Fork Instructions
Song Ideas
Musical Bottles Song Selections
Electromagnet Invention
Instructions for "Electricity Introduction"
Results from Crash Course
Potential and Kinetic Energy
The Physics of Car Crashes
Smart Car Crash Test
How Fast Are You Going Right Now?
Chapter 1: Download this to Notability
Newton's Third Law Engage
Bill Nye Motion
Wile E. Coyote and Physics
Newton and Soccer
Newtons Laws with a Bicycle
Sample Set-up for Move it! Stop it!
Chapter 2: Download This
Newton's First Law: The Science of NFL
Chapter 2: Download This
Bill Nye Friction
Friction Quiz Movie Clips
Lander Data Sheet Period 7
Lander Data Sheet Period 6
Lander Data Sheet Period 4
World's Largest Vacuum
Feather and Hammer Drop
Air Dropping Food
Airdrop Supply Delivery
Engineering Design Process Video
The Engineering Design Process
PaperPlaneDataSheet Period 7
PaperPlaneDataSheet Period 6
PaperPlaneDataSheet Period 5
PaperPlaneDataSheet Period 4
Hang Gliders
Record Freefall
Reasons for the Seasons
Time-Lapse Video Of Moon Cycles
Why Does The Moon Look Bigger On The Horizon?
Moon Phases Explain
Solar Eclipse Conclusion
Solar Eclipses
Total Solar Eclipse in Australia 2012
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Science Safety Video