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Science 8 Activities
Table of Contents
The Moon Illusion
Carrington Event
Maglev Trains
Hands off!
Can I Eat That?
Science of Car Crashes
The Physics of Car Crashes
Collision Course Eggvertisement
Crash Course Redesign
Engineering Design Process
Egg Car Data
Tues ASN Visit PDF Version.pdf
NFL Concussion Crisis
Smart Car Crash Test
Newton's Laws on a Bike
Extra Credit Opportunity
Newton's First Law (NFL)
Superspeed Power
Speed vs. Velocity
How Fast?
Friction Quiz Movie Clips
Ted-Ed: Gravity
Mind Map: Gravity: CANCELLED
Is My Dad An Alien?
Gizmos Sign-Up
World's Largest Vacuum Chamber
Mars Lander
Old, but great engineering process example...
PaperPlaneDataSheet Period 7 2018
PaperPlaneDataSheet Period 6 2018
PaperPlaneDataSheet Period 4 2018
Record Freefall
Hang Gliders
PBIS VIP Rewards Program
Science Safety Video
Science Safety Rules
Science Safety Rules