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Classroom Handouts
Vocabulary Activities (Due 3/18)
Song of the Trees Text (PDF)
"Song of the Trees" Visual Timeline (Due 3/10)
Illustrated Timeline Samples
Vocabulary Lesson 6 "Harriet Tubman" Definitions
Song of the Trees Vocabulary
The Lazy Editor Assignments
"Gulp" Post Reading Exercises
"Gulp!" Text Evidence Worksheet
Would you eat this handout
Would you eat this? (Scope handout)
The Highwayman Point of View Writing Activity (Due Friday 1/29)
Figurative Language
Winter Vacation/Goal SettingWriting Activity
Vocabulary From "Three Skeleton Key" Due 12/11/15
Vocabulary 11/30-12/4 Due Friday, Dec 4th.
Core Syllabus
7th Grade Recommended Reading List